If you have used some of the antivirus programs, you might find that they have discovered some keyloggers in your computer during the systematic checkup. Do you know what the keyloggers are? If not, you should learn about it.

The keylogger program is regarded as one of the most important security threat to people using the computer nowadays. A lot of people find that identity theft occurs when their computer is invaded by the key logger.

In order to eliminate the problem of keylogger, you should learn about how the program gets to your computer. In many of the cases, keyloggers would enter the computer as long as users try to download the infected programs. The programs can refer to music, movies, or other types of programs and applications.

When you download and open these programs, the key logger would be installed in a hidden way and you cannot detect it. New files would be created in some of the hidden places in your computer and the logs would be used to store the information that you have typed through the computer.

Of course, keylogger can be installed through manual method. Some of the people would try to install it to their own computer because they want to check the activities performed by the computer under the usage of some other users in their family. For example, some of the people would like to check whether their spouse cheats. Then, they would use the keylogger for their own computer and they can check the conversations that their spouse does on the other people.

Usually, keylogger refers to the third party programs. They are generally regarded as malware and they can hide in the PC system. During that period, they would monitor the things that people type through the keyboard. The information stored by normal keylogger can be plentiful. You would find that the program can store unlimited information performed through your keyboards. You can even check information like the internet browsing history through the keylogger. It can be quite troublesome for some of the people to get this type of keylogger for their computer. It is because they might have borrowed the computer from the others and they might not want to be spied in that way.

For people who would not want to be spied, using some of the programs to counteract the keylogger might be possible. There are some software designers claiming that they have the methods to detect the existence of keylogger in a computer. According to the demonstrations from them, there might be a possibility that some of the poor keyloggers might be discovered. But some of the programs might not be discovered under those anti-keylogger programs indeed.

Therefore, you have to think carefully whenever you try to install the programs sent by the others. If you do not want to be spied by the others, you must refuse to install or download programs or files that you do not understand well. Otherwise, you would encounter great trouble.