For most computer users nowadays, the singular threat that gives user the highest cause of concern is stolen financial information which can be gotten by a spyware called a keylogger monitor which could even be used to perpetrate the cyber crime known as identity theft. The best way to get rid of the keylogger monitor is to use a removal product because it is usually very hard for the untrained eye to detect the keylogger on a computer system.

 Basically a keylogger monitor kind of spying software sometimes called a spyware. Basically, it is not designed to disrupt the performance of your system, the keylogger software has been programmed in such a way that it can remain undetected on your system for a very long time, and will not even use any of the resources of your computer so as to avoid detection. Mostly, a keylogger program  will enter your computer system when you download some free stuff such as music files, or video files, the keylogger will bypass you’re the firewall and other protection device on your computer, then it will not stay on the operating system, but rather move to an obscure location on your system where it can send messages to your system to download other viruses from the internet.

 Once a keylogger monitor is on your computer, it monitors and records all the keystrokes you make on the keyboard of your computer, and then it transmits the information to a remote server in another location. Once the keylogger transmits such information to the remote server, the hacker that generated the software, the information that the keylogger will send any information that you enter on the keyboard of your computer. If you make any financial transaction online during the time that the keylogger monitor is on your computer, all the information you enter such as your credit card details, or your bank account information will be sent to the hacker, who can use it for selfish evil, either you it himself or selling the information on the internet for a ridiculously low price on the internet, in fact the information could be sold for as low as $5 to other hackers.

You should know that all antivirus software are usually made to eliminate known virus and are therefore powerless against new viruses, the hardest part is that new virus designed to beat the known viruses are usually developed on a daily basis. If you buy an antivirus for $10,000 today by the time you install it another virus would have been created that will bypass the antivirus. So to eliminate keylogger on your system you should schedule virus check on your system regularly so that you can eliminate threats one they appear. To scan for keylogger program on your system and know other process running on your operating system, open the taskbar by using the shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and being perceptive of the programs that are running on your system. You should also be careful of exceptionally large files that you do not create because a keylogger monitor normally creates files that are too big to be opened.