Technology has evolved a lot in the past years and communication has become very important.
It is easy to communicate these days and you can say that everyone has access to a large number of communication methods. Just think about cell phones and email, but most importantly think about instant chat which is more and more used by our children.
If easy communication has great benefits there are inconveniences too. Our children can contact all kind of people. I think we can all agree that there are a lot of people that could have a bad influence on our children.
It is hard for us to watch over our children all the time and we must face it, we have no idea who they communicate with when we are not around. They could be friends or relatives but they could be people who only want to abuse them.
Chat monitoring software offers us a solution to this problem by recording the instant chat conversations. We will be able to check who our children communicate with and what they communicate.
This kind of software solution will help us prevent child abuse over the internet.