Will Your Kids Hate You If You Use Key Logging Software?

Posted on April 27th, 2009 in Chat monitoring, Computer spy software, Internet usage monitoring | Comments Off

no keylogger kidWell, they will not take to it kindly, that’s for sure. But they will only take it as unkindly as they take you asking them about school, where they’re going, imposing curfews, asking them about their date, or telling them when to turn off the computer and go to bed. Using key logging software is not very different from this. It follows with the idea of knowing where your kids are going, who their friends are, and if they’re indulging in something that could get them into trouble. However, it does get a little different in the sense that instead of simply asking them about whom they are talking to or where they’re going – you actually tap the phone lines or follow them around. This might hit you a little hard, but that’s how it is.

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Is She Cheating? The Reasons That Women Cheat

Posted on September 16th, 2008 in Chat monitoring, Miscellaneous | Comments Off

woman cheatingFinding out that someone you are in a relationship is cheating on you can be one of the most traumatic experiences that you will have.  There are some signs that you can look for if you suspect that your girlfriend is not being faithful.

The first thing that you have probably noticed is that she is spending more time away from you.  While this really shouldn’t be a problem, if it is not in her character to do so it can send up some red flags.  If the reasons that she is giving you just don’t make much sense, you should consider that she may be spending time with someone else.

An increased attention to her appearance is often a sign that something is going on behind your back.  Many women pay particular attention to how they look, but if you notice that she is trying to look more alluring then you might have reason to worry.  Take note of the times that she is dressing more provocatively than usual and you might be able to pinpoint when she is meeting with someone else.

Also be aware of how often she hangs up the telephone when you enter a room, or stops chatting online with someone if you are nearby.  These could be times when she is talking to the other person.

sensual woman flirtingThere are a variety of reasons why a woman will cheat on her partner.  Many women cheat because they feel as though they are not getting enough attention at home.  This is not a valid reason, but it is the one that most women will give if they are asked.  Instead of talking about the problem they seek the attention with someone else.

For a man who is going through this traumatic experience, finding out for sure will be the most important thing that he can do.  It is important that you are not jumping to conclusions and are absolutely certain that your partner is seeing someone else.  There are ways that you can track email and chat information very simply with the addition of some simple devices on your shared computer. This software, keyloggers, is able to track every single keyboard click to a file, enabling you to find out exactly what was going on. Find out for sure before you confront her with the issue.