Like I tend to inform you from the title, this is a small glance on the privacy inside a family. Or, to be more specific, the privacy issue that occurs in the children-parents relationship.
Considering the premise that the parents are of several categories, we can identify two extreme (opposite) parent typologies, the one that grants his/hers own children with a high degree of freedom and trust, and the one that seeks to find out every little detail in the personal life of his/hers children, even if they become grown ups at some point.
Assuring your child the privacy he/her needs is somehow the test every parent has to sustain sooner or later in order to move from the area where the relation parent – children is loaded with a high degree of selfishness to the situation when the parent trusts his/hers child, respects his/hers decisions and knows how to guide him through his own personal example without imposing anything. This is quite the challenge because a very large number of parents tend to live through their children and want to achieve through their kids what they did not accomplish until that age.

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