Is Microsoft getting involved in the spy software niche?

Posted on April 30th, 2009 in Computer spy software, Miscellaneous | Comments Off

robot spy workI was reading the other day a new version of the idea, or roomer if you prefer, that Microsoft could get involved in the “spy” software niche. Microsoft has already advanced a patent application for a computer system through which the employees should all be part of a wireless “spider” network that would monitor their metabolic features. I must add here that such an idea can raise one or two eyebrows in the Human Rights backyard and I can’t help myself to notice that Microsoft could now join in full daylight the Orwellian ideas that wonder around in our times. The evaluation of a worker based on a computer assessment of their mental and physical state it’s maybe too much, as unions also say.

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Careful Now, Big Boss May Be Watching

Posted on March 9th, 2009 in Computer spy software, Internet usage monitoring, Miscellaneous | 1 Comment »

monitor employeeFor most office-goers, their work PC becomes pretty much their PC. However, it would be quite troublesome to live with this delusion as your office computer is pretty much a shared computer. But more importantly, it is your employer’s computer – and whether you want to hear this or not, employers are pretty possessive about their computers. Most employers want to make sure that their employees are being productive and to this end they will monitor everything that you do on your computer, including the mail you send or receive, the calls you make, the sites you browse – absolutely everything that you do on your PC. Is this legal? Well, let’s say it isn’t illegal. Employers can, and they do. So here’s where you need to be careful.

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