It does not take much time for people to install the home keylogger to their computer. You can find that there are different operating systems being used nowadays. For example, some people are using Windows Vista while some people are switching to Windows 7. If you want to find the it, you should find the version which is compatible with the version of operating system that you are using.

 When you want to monitor how your computer is being used by your sisters or brothers in your family, you can use a few minutes of time to install the keylogger in your computer when you have the chance to use the computer.

 Yes, you can find that a computer shared by family members would be one of the commonest target computers for people in the world. It is because people would like to ensure that their family members are not trying to do something that they should not do. For example, parents want their kids to be good and they want their kids to stay away from the computer while they are working hard to do their homework. They do not want their kids to go through the adult content online as well. But it is hard for them to check that without the use of keylogger.

 In recent years, more and more kids are found to have different problems, like drug abuse or pre-mature sex. These problems are always annoying parents. But some of the parents would not know these cruel and horrible facts after real injuries or problems occur. Therefore, using home keylogger can eliminate the chance of occurrence of tragedy.

 If you find that your kids or your brothers are trying to do some illegal things, you can try to persuade them to be good again because you can know about their actions through the use of home keylogger. You can then stop them from going wrong deeply by advising them in time.

 When you try to install the home keylogger for your own computer, you should make sure that the program would not be spied by the others. Yes, when you are trying to spy your computer, the computer might be spied by the others as well. Therefore, you might consider using some of the methods to identify the spyware for and then install your own home keylogger. Some of the strong antivirus programs might have the ability to detect the hidden keyloggers. Therefore, you might need to set exemption for the keylogger that you try to install for your own computer while you are working on the installation and the checking. Otherwise, your family members might detect the home keylogger and they might try to remove it. Then, your purpose of monitoring them might fail.

 To conclude, home keylogger is useful only when you can make it stay in your computer. Therefore, you should check the function of the keylogger carefully and read the logs from the keylogger when you find it necessary.