internet cafeInternet Cafes have constantly lost their popularity in the last decade. Still, when you are traveling or you don’t have the possibility to access your personal (portable) computer, Internet Cafes are the first option. Regardless what your need is that makes you enter one of those, as a surfer that knows a few issues about privacy and Internet security, you can’t help noticing the variety of ocasions to expose personal data in a dangerous manner. It’s not about paranoia, but the truth is that many valuable data can make the point of this conversation: bank account numbers, social security numbers, account passwords and personal emails. Doesn’t that sound tempting yet?

Besides the viruses or Trojan application that can be waiting for you on an Internet Caf̩ station, the worst type of danger is represented by key logging applications, or shortly Рkeyloggers. The prejudice caused by keyloggers used with bad intentions reaches way beyond damaging your files on a memory stick, because if your bank account number is in question, the theft can be a consistent one.

Here are some tips to simply avoid that situation. Some of them are more desirable than the others, but the important thing is that alternatives exist:

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