Just as I was saying in my previous post at some point, the key logging applications have received a rather grey label after the great virus/ anti-virus explosion from the mid 90s. You can say that keyloggers can be considered quite menacing cyber weapons, sure, but I have insisted that this case appears when behind the keylogger there is a bad intended person. It is also normal for a good anti-virus to classify keyloggers as malware because these applications launch system calls in order to catch the keystrokes, but I am sure positive and constructive purposes can be enumerated.

laptop keyboard detail designSo I was pleasantly surprised to find out in what simple and efficient manner the people from Lenovo have redesign their notebooks’ keyboards using the information provided by key monitoring.

The model in question is the new T400s ThinkPad. Any notebook “regular” would notice from the first glance that the Delete and Escape keys are way oversized, at least doubled in size compared to the other utility keys. Let’s see how they came with such a design idea:

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