The internet is awash today with a large volume of news concerning, online threats such as cyber crimes, malicious software, identity theft as well as spyware and it is no longer news that the keylogger application is a computer program that falls into the category of spyware. Basically spyware is software that could either be malicious or not depending on the programmer, designed to spy on the computer usage of the computer on which it has been installed.

Basically the keylogger works by recording the keystrokes on a computer of the user on which it has been installed. It is important to remember that the keylogger software was designed with noble intentions in mind, though it is a saddening fact that the keylogger program is now in the forefront of software used in perpetrating the worst kind of cybercrimes imaginable.

To be quite frank the keylogger is not malicious software and it will not harm your system in any way or send a destructive coding that will disrupt the proper functioning of your system. In fact it is designed to remain undetected on your system for as long as possible. In fact it is programmed in such a way that it uses very little resources on your computer, thereby eliminating the risk of detection. The keylogger application is a very common form of internet spyware used to collect information on the internet and record it, before later transmitting the information to a remote server in another location.

Basically what the keylogger application does is that it records the keystrokes of the computer user as the user enters such information using the keyboard on the computer. Thus, the keylogger application can be used to monitor the activities going on, on a computer system as long as the user uses the keyboard to enter information, however it can only monitor and record keyboard activities and cannot replace a full computer monitoring suite.

The positive use of the keylogger application are quite numerous, first of all the keylogger software can be used by parents to monitor the activities of their children on the computer. This would help them to have inkling if their kids are involved in pornography, drugs, or any cyber crime for that matter. Parents can also use the keylogger know if their kids are making use of their credit card details for unauthorized purchases either for goods, services or membership on the internet. Parents can also use the keylogger application know what their kids are discussing with their peers on social networking sites.

Organizations and business can also put the keylogger application to good uses. They can use keylogger program to monitor the activities of their employees, so that they will be able to detect if any employee is involved in financial or economic sabotage. Business can also use the keylogger to find out if any of their employees is using the company time to play games or on other unauthorized forms of recreation such as spending time on chat rooms or on social networking sites. However, all this uses are subject to the conviction of the individual, because using keylogger application could raise issues on infringement of privacy and confidentiality.