It is true that the keystroke logger is also known as the Keylogger which makes one to have a full control of his or her computer. It is a program that runs invisibly in the background of your computer recording everything detail and all the keystrokes performed in the computer in your absence. The keylogger is able to save all the results collected in a log file which will later be sent to the email you provided during the installation of the software. This actually helps you find out what strangers have been doing with your computer which is actually a good of ensuring privacy in your system. It well known that with the keystroke logger, you are able to have a full control of your computer regardless of whoever tempers with it all the information is recorded for your retrieval.

Using the keystroke logger, one is actually able to know which programs were run in your absence and also tell the exact time they were run. This is actually good since it specifies everything meaning that you will know all the details including time when your computer was tempered with. It is true that with the keylogger, you are in a position to know the exact text that was typed. One is able to read the text either as HTML or a plain text and make a judgement whether whoever was with your computer is really a good or a bad person according to the message of the typed text. With the keystroke logger, you are also able to retrieve or restore the previous typed text in case it gets lost before reading it.

It is known for a fact that the keystroke logger can help you to restore your password in case you forgot it. It is also able to restore a forgotten email address where the encrypted log file is to be sent. This actually ensures convenience with your computer and protection from manhandling. The reliable keylogger is very essential to parents in that they will be in a position to find out the programs that were run by their children while they were away. Many people have left testimonies concerning the keylogger on how they have benefitted from the software. Some of them argue that they have traced some conversations of their children with strangers whereby after investigation such strangers are found to be old people who are trying to kidnap little children.

The keystroke logger helps managers to have full control of their computers within the company. This is because all the actions performed by the employees and other people from outside are able to be traced. The keylogger is case sensitive when detecting the keystrokes. It is also true that the characters can only be shown without showing the pressed computer keys.

The keystroke logger is able to capture every key pressed on the computer and viewed by unauthorised person. The keylogger is actually able to record instant messages and the log file created by  it is saved and emailed to the concerned person.