Content Controlling Software or Blatant Censorship?

Posted on March 10th, 2009 in Internet usage monitoring, Miscellaneous | Comments Off

censor keywords kid parentMany parents are now considering the option of installing content-controlling software. With the help of this software you can now decide what kind of control will become available to your kids when they are browsing on the Internet. In fact, your kids are already familiar with it – it is used on their school computers, libraries and many other public computers. Most of this software are available free and often come under other names such as content filtering software, internet filter and the controversial, censor ware.

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Worried About Your Kids While You Are Away?

Posted on January 30th, 2009 in Internet usage monitoring | Comments Off

If you are going on holiday and your kids are being left behind so you can enjoy your time with your partner, you are probably in two minds about the situation. It’s not often you get the chance to relax, forget about the kids and enjoy night’s out or in with your partner in an exotic location, but at the same time you’ll still be worrying about what your kids get up to, especially if they have access to the Internet at home or where they are staying. Forcing them to go without the Internet while you are away won’t do you any favors when it watch childrencomes to getting along with your kids and there’s only so much parental security has to offer on a computer. This is where keylogging software can help you to keep an eye on your kids without them feeling like you are getting in their personal space. Especially with young teenagers or pre-teens it can be difficult keeping an eye on them and looking after them without them getting upset about it. With keylogging software you can enjoy your holiday and relax because you know exactly what they are getting up to online.

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