cell spy softwareCell technology has advanced considerably since the days of the mobile brick we were so proud to show off around town, and with it comes spy phone software. With a simple ands quick installation you can place the right spy phone software onto almost any phone and it will tick and hum away in the background without anyone knowing it’s there.

It used to be that you could just listen into someone’s conversation when the need arises but now you can do so much more with a quality spy cell phone software package. You can still listen into conversations, you’ll get patched through automatically when the phone dials a certain flagged number but you can also take advantage of the software while the phone isn’t in use.

You can listen in to the holder of the phone and anyone in earshot around them by activating the microphone on their phone. Once the program is installed, all you have to do is dial a number and listen in. Their phone won’t ring or make any changes to alert the user they are being listened to and they don’t need to be on the phone. You can listen in to them whatever they are doing and where ever they are. 

With today’s advances in software technology you can utilise spy phone software to download the user’s text messages and call logs so you can keep an eye on what texts they are sending to people too. 

monitor mobile phoneSo is this kind of activity legal? Well in this sense, no. You shouldn’t use this software to invade any person’s privacy without their express consent. Typically you should only use this software on your own phone to back up your phone data and protect your children who may use your phone behind your back. Spy phone software companies specifically request that users of their software do not use the software for illegal means. At the end of the day, it is up to the user to decide how to use the software but it is illegal to use it without the phone owners consent. 

So how can you benefit from this product legally? The best and most the legal way to benefit from spy cell phone software is to install it on your own phone. You can then use it to back up your data and to ensure that your kids don’t use your phone unauthorised or have concerning conversations with people.