Will Your Kids Hate You If You Use Key Logging Software?

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no keylogger kidWell, they will not take to it kindly, that’s for sure. But they will only take it as unkindly as they take you asking them about school, where they’re going, imposing curfews, asking them about their date, or telling them when to turn off the computer and go to bed. Using key logging software is not very different from this. It follows with the idea of knowing where your kids are going, who their friends are, and if they’re indulging in something that could get them into trouble. However, it does get a little different in the sense that instead of simply asking them about whom they are talking to or where they’re going – you actually tap the phone lines or follow them around. This might hit you a little hard, but that’s how it is.

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Careful Now, Big Boss May Be Watching

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monitor employeeFor most office-goers, their work PC becomes pretty much their PC. However, it would be quite troublesome to live with this delusion as your office computer is pretty much a shared computer. But more importantly, it is your employer’s computer – and whether you want to hear this or not, employers are pretty possessive about their computers. Most employers want to make sure that their employees are being productive and to this end they will monitor everything that you do on your computer, including the mail you send or receive, the calls you make, the sites you browse – absolutely everything that you do on your PC. Is this legal? Well, let’s say it isn’t illegal. Employers can, and they do. So here’s where you need to be careful.

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Why reliable computer monitoring software is a must these days

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Here are a few reasons for using a hi quality computer monitoring software

1. The way that your computer is used is your right. If you share the machine with more users you have to know what happened while the computer was used by others. You will be able to track the exact application usage, keystrokes and screenshots.

2. The web sites visited from your machine by others might cause you problems. Just think about the fact that from your machine inappropriate web sites where access and than think that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) knows what web sites were visited. If other access inappropriate web sites from your machine you should know.

3. If chat conversations are done from your machine you should know the content. That content can tell important information about the user.

4. If you are away for a long time period or you are at work – reports with computer usage (keystrokes, chat, web sites) can be delivered to your email address.

That is why using Inside Keylogger can help you find relevant information about your pc usage. Download and use for 5 days a full version of Inside Keylogger. It is FREE and if you are happy with the results you can register your copy for a convenient price.

Computer monitoring software – a solution for the working parents

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With this ever-busier society, many psychologists report an increase in the number of dual-worker parents seeking help with balancing work and family. And this is, indeed a real problem, especially for the working mothers who has to complete multiple roles and, of course, to complete them at high levels. Even if specialist concluded that multiple roles will benefit the whole family, it is a little bit hard for a woman who’s a wife, mother and president of a small business not to feel distressed.

I do not want you to misunderstand my sayings. My opinion is that the problem isn’t about working. It’s about the longer and longer hours that parents are being asked to work. When you’ve got both an excellent job and a home to manage, including kids, there’s just less and less time for keeping an eye on your children. And without knowing that your children are safe and they are ok at home, you will be distracted from what you work. This is when a computer monitoring software would be very helpful – I will detail the idea later.

To go back to the previous idea, that I consider that not working is the problem, here are a few arguments. Actually, beside the financial aspect, working has also a positive psychological benefit for parents. Several studies revealed the often-idealized view of happy homemakers. One study, for instance, underlined that employed women who moved to part-time work or became homemakers became more depressed, while homemakers who joined the work force became less depressed. Another study found that while the presence of preschool-aged children in the home was associated with distress for all women, working moms were less distressed than stay-at-homes. Consequently, working hours helps parents to relax in one way. But, all this relaxing time would not be completely peaceful if you shouldn’t know for sure that your kids are all right at home, and that their education does not suffer because of your absence. Like I previously mentioned, the use of computer monitoring software could help you obtain the peace in this respect.

Lately, more and more parents have rejected the hands-off approach of the past in favor of taking a more active role in their children’s lives. When I say “active role” I also mean protection acts. And keeping in mind the role of computer in the children’s education/formation, parents definitely need a tool to help them in this respect. We have to admit that there is a lot of inappropriate content available on the World Wide Web. No parents want this content to reaches his/her child. That’s why it is important to know everything that children do on the computer in order to protect them against all this threats.

Websites visited, chat conversations with friends could help you prevent bad things from happening.

Keeping in mind that there is always an upper limit to the number of roles people can manage without getting overloaded, it is important to find the appropriate solution to manage each role and its specific activities. When it comes to taking care about your children’s computer activity consider it done!

Computer monitoring software will keep you in touch with every move made on the home computer, even when you are at work.