If you run a small office or company and use computers as an important part of your work, you will understandably want to know that your employees are making the best use of their time. In an office monitor employeesenvironment when you are hard at work, it can be difficult to keep an eye on your employees and to ensure they are not abusing their Internet access or playing games on company time.
You will be happy to know that there is a solution to this dilemma. Using internet monitoring software, or spy software, can provide you with a record of what your employees are doing at their computer. Many companies simply monitor the incoming and outgoing email but this does nothing to prevent surfing the internet, posting on forums, or even gambling whilst at work. There are many types of monitoring software available that can help to ease your worries.
 Using an office keylogger, for example, will record all the keystrokes an employee types at their computer. Such a keylogger, that records all the keystrokes, is Inside-Keylogger. Some can be configured to record only the keystrokes made in certain applications such as a web browser for example, and to show the applications an employee is using. This enables you to see only what is relevant, and some can even deliver the information directly to your inbox, giving you a useful summary of your employees’ activities. All the programs an employee runs, all the websites visited and much more can be shown in a simple report on your own computer. Inside-Keylogger offers this very important and strong feature and recommends it like an absolutely necessary measure for not revealing the application on the computer it runs.

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Making spy software an integral part of your office life, although a relatively intrusive method, can help you to curb Internet and computer misuse before it becomes a problem, and can make your workplace more productive and save you money long-term.