7 tips for avoiding keyloggers in Internet Cafes

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internet cafeInternet Cafes have constantly lost their popularity in the last decade. Still, when you are traveling or you don’t have the possibility to access your personal (portable) computer, Internet Cafes are the first option. Regardless what your need is that makes you enter one of those, as a surfer that knows a few issues about privacy and Internet security, you can’t help noticing the variety of ocasions to expose personal data in a dangerous manner. It’s not about paranoia, but the truth is that many valuable data can make the point of this conversation: bank account numbers, social security numbers, account passwords and personal emails. Doesn’t that sound tempting yet?

Besides the viruses or Trojan application that can be waiting for you on an Internet Caf̩ station, the worst type of danger is represented by key logging applications, or shortly Рkeyloggers. The prejudice caused by keyloggers used with bad intentions reaches way beyond damaging your files on a memory stick, because if your bank account number is in question, the theft can be a consistent one.

Here are some tips to simply avoid that situation. Some of them are more desirable than the others, but the important thing is that alternatives exist:

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Your Computer Is Always Tracking You

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Whether you know it or not, your computer is always keeping a track of your activities while you are on it. All information like your login names, passwords, visited websites, downloaded files and credit card numbers disclosed while surfing the Internet, are all stored in the browser history files, cookies and temporary Internet files of the computer.

It is important that you remember to clear the history of all these files on a periodical basis to ensure the privacy of your PC. Moreover, every time you surf the Internet, windows works at saving information about your activity so that it can provide you with a much better computer experience.

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The police state a.k.a. the electronic empire

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I came across a very interesting article published by Cryptohippie and basically it’s an attempt to describe the “electronic police state”, because this would be the logical conclusion that arises from the latest information provided by Electronic Privacy Information Center, Reporters Without Borders and Freedom House.
With more and more countries obsessively developing the monitoring of every aspect from the people’s life, a natural question occurred, and that is “how close are we from an electronic police state?”. Many of us are aware of all the means of surveillance, but don’t do much about it, because people already have in their minds the connection between a police state and the horrors committed by the secret services and therefore today’s happening cannot be associated with a precedent. But it is all around us and is even more dangerous because we can’t even see it. The electronic attempt on something that might resemble total control is very subtle, it’s quiet and constantly working against the regular citizens.

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Data Privacy Day – But what is It?

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28th of January was Data Privacy Day, quite unknown to many people. Since its inception in 2007 by The Council of Europe, Data Privacy Day is being celebrated for the second time now in the US, Canada and 27 European countries. If you missed out on the celebrations this time, you better mark your calendar for next year, since this is soon going to be one of the ‘happening’ days of the year. Internet privacy is bound to become a huge issue in the coming years, and will probably amount to a large fraction of internet fraud suits to come. Here are the highlights for those who missed the boat:

Data Privacy DayConferences on Internet Privacy were the order of the day with most organizations holding or sponsoring seminars in some way or the other. Intel hosted a seminar at the Duke University on Protecting National Security in the new US administration. Microsoft also hosted an interactive community in San Francisco Public Library which involved discussion about the concerns of internet privacy and how Microsoft can make things better. A Microsoft representative admitted that “more and more people are now conscious of maintaining privacy on the internet, but just needed a little help.” Microsoft also mentioned that IE8 would have advanced security features.

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