shared accountIf you have a shared computer at home or in a shared dormitory you may be concerned what people are getting up to on your computer. There can be lots of dangerous activities online that people unwittingly take part in and your roomy may not always be as careful as you are. When you share a computer with more than one person, you aren’t always there to keep an eye on things. You may be able to quickly shoulder surf every so often, but how do you know they are on their best behavior only while you are there? If you are concerned your room mate or a family member are doing something they shouldn’t that either puts your computer security at risk or themselves such as gambling addictions, you should consider installing key logging software.

share computer accountThere’s a large range of key logging software available today; the most common types record keystrokes made on your computer or the URL’s that are visited. Most of these will then construct a report of the data and e-mail it directly to your inbox for you to view whenever it is convenient for you. With key loggers you can track down easily and quickly what other people are doing with their time on your computer. You can easily identify websites, conversations and other data that may be inappropriate.

If you can easily imagine your room mate visiting sites with pornographic content and security risks, entering their or your personal details on to various websites or engaging in illegal activity of any kind under your name or theirs then you should make sure you know for certain that your computer is secure. Using key logging software will eliminate the worry and stress you may be feeling when leaving your computer with an acquaintance or friend.