Family key logger – Protect Your Kids

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 Nowadays, the world is totally different from the one it was decades ago. You would find that there are a lot of changes, particularly to the use of computer. In the past, you could hardly find people using computer in their home because the computer would consume them a large amount of space. But in recent years, you can find that various types of tiny computers are designed for people to save space in their home. This promotes the need for using family key logger.

In the past, the major source of information from the surrounding would be newspapers or the radio. But in recent years, you can find that using the computer could help you find the necessary information in a short period of time. This would further add the need for you to install the family key logger in your computer.

 Your kids would use the computer nowadays. Therefore, you need to use the family key logger to protect them. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who try to prey on kids. They would contact the kids through the internet and try to tempt them to do some illegal things. If you want to help your kids stay away from these temptations, using the family key logger would be helpful.

You can find that it is not difficult for you to find the family key logger for your computer. There are a lot of people using the family key logger nowadays. These people have found that using the family key logger would be helpful for them to track the history of internet usage from their kids. When they have installed the family key logger, they can view the conversation logs that their kids made with the others. Then, they can indirectly use the family key logger to identify some of the bad guys preying your kids. This can help you adopt necessary measures to remove those threats from your kids on time.

When you try to find information related to family key logger, you should consider the privacy of the information stored by the family key logger. Some of the programs would not set a high privacy to the information stored. This would pose a problem for you to keep the information unread by your kids. As you might know, big trouble would occur when you are discovered by your kids about the spying action. This would certainly ruin the trust that you have built with them and further push them to the bad guys. Therefore, you must work hard to get a family key logger which is of high quality. Otherwise, you would find that there would be great trouble for you and your kids.

To conclude, working online for a family key logger is not difficult now. But you need to ensure that the quality of the program is high enough for you to protect your identify during the spying action. If you ignore this criterion when choosing the family key logger, you will find that the family key logger in your hand would fail to offer you the relevant information because your kids might know your action and they might counteract it.

Benefits of Installing Computer Spy Software

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Computer spy software is something that has to be installed in any and all computers. This is because with this software, you will be able to monitor all the activities that take place on the computer. This means you will be able to find out which websites and chat rooms are visited, the private messages that are exchanged and lots more.

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Spy Software Evolution in a glance

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A little bit of history

spy softwareThe very first spy software representatives weren’t even called “spy software”. They were the little applications build up in the computer science labs by enthusiastic students, or just geeks looking for fun. Meanwhile, in the background, the secret information services already had some similar applications going on and it is known now that FBI used “magic lantern”, a similar monitoring software.
For the general public, the first officially known application of catching keystrokes was KeyKey Monitor released by Mikkotech. Their primarily goal was to aim the application towards security and back-up reasons, but through a reseller, Mikkotech has started selling this application intensely. Clickbank was heavily involved in promoting this application and even today it still holds one of the largest affiliate networks.
Let’s take a look at the first marketing ideas that supported KeyKey Monitor:

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Is Microsoft getting involved in the spy software niche?

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robot spy workI was reading the other day a new version of the idea, or roomer if you prefer, that Microsoft could get involved in the “spy” software niche. Microsoft has already advanced a patent application for a computer system through which the employees should all be part of a wireless “spider” network that would monitor their metabolic features. I must add here that such an idea can raise one or two eyebrows in the Human Rights backyard and I can’t help myself to notice that Microsoft could now join in full daylight the Orwellian ideas that wonder around in our times. The evaluation of a worker based on a computer assessment of their mental and physical state it’s maybe too much, as unions also say.

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Is Key logging Software Malware?

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Many people these days will associate Key logging software as a type of Trojan. This is not the case, so why is Key Logging Software acceptable?

The Difference
A Trojan programme is a type of Malware. Trojan’s will be placed on your computer without your consent or knowledge and will hide so you will be unable to detect it. The Trojan will then maliciously attack your computer for one reason or another depending on its programming and the areas it is designed to attack. Key logging software can only be installed by the computer user with the set authority on that computer to install programs. If you don’t want people to be bale to install things on your computer you can easily change their login user authorisations from the control panel. Keylogging software does not attack your computer, or alter it in anyway. It only remains on your computer and logs whatever you tell it to log.

 What is Malware?
Malware is a type of program (including viruses), that are designed to specifically damage your computer software or perform operations without the user or owners consent that are harmful.

When is Key Logging used?
Key Loggers are installed on a computer manually by the owner of the computer. They do not harm or damage your computer in anyway and are in fact designed to protect the computer and its users. Key logging software is particularly useful when you have shared computer such as one in a family home with children. You may be concerned that your kids may be using features such as chat rooms and you want to be able to identify possible threats to them without breathing down their neck while they are using the computer. You can safely and discretely monitor their chat room conversations with key logging software on your computer. All the information can be emailed to you and you will be able to see reports of the conversations on chosen programmes or websites so you can easily and quickly identify possible dangerous conversations or users and protect your children.

In conclusion,
Malware is designed to harm your computer and is installed illegally without the owners consent. In short, key logging software is designed to protect users, and is only installed by the owner.