The Internet is a vast sprawling landscape of media and information and can be a wonderful resource in the office and in the home, but as the following statistics show, if you allow your children to access the Internet for homework studies or socializing then you need to stay aware of exactly what they’re doing.

A surprising amount of Internet access results in the viewing of pornographic material in particular, and some great ways of staying informed and in control of the ways your computer is used come in the form of spy software and content blockers.

The biggest business on the Internet is pornography. To give you an idea just how big, if you combined the revenue of all the big technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and Apple together, you would still be far short of the total revenue involved in the porn industry. With a turnover somewhere in the region of $100 billion per year, it’s no surprise that it turns up everywhere.

One of the most worrying statistics shows that one in five children who access the Internet have been solicited for sex in the last year and one in four have been sent pictures of naked people, or people engaged in sexual acts. With children discovering Internet pornography at an average age of 11, and 85% of those aged 6-16 having encountered some form of it, something clearly has to be done.

Installing spy software such as a keylogger or web watcher on your home computer is an easy process and can provide you with peace of mind and act as a safety net, ensuring that you are able to protect your children from pedophiles and other dangers, and catch on to anything suspicious before it becomes a problem.