I came across a very interesting article published by Cryptohippie and basically it’s an attempt to describe the “electronic police state”, because this would be the logical conclusion that arises from the latest information provided by Electronic Privacy Information Center, Reporters Without Borders and Freedom House.
With more and more countries obsessively developing the monitoring of every aspect from the people’s life, a natural question occurred, and that is “how close are we from an electronic police state?”. Many of us are aware of all the means of surveillance, but don’t do much about it, because people already have in their minds the connection between a police state and the horrors committed by the secret services and therefore today’s happening cannot be associated with a precedent. But it is all around us and is even more dangerous because we can’t even see it. The electronic attempt on something that might resemble total control is very subtle, it’s quiet and constantly working against the regular citizens.

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