Computer keylogger is one of the powerful tools that people can use in order to gather information from some of the computers that they do not possess. In other words, you would be able to spy on the others with the use of computer keyloggers.

 There are several ways that people can use in order to make the computer keylogger function. The methods for installing computer keylogger into the computer include both hardware one and the software one. For the software method, people would find that the computer keylogger would come with the actual software or program installed in the computer. In other words, you would find that a special file would be created when you install the program in the computer. The file would be a hidden one and it would log the keystrokes that you have typed.

 The computer keylogger would send back the file to the computer that you have targeted to your own computer. Then, you would be able to read the information. Yes, even though you are not standing next to the target computer, you can always try to read the information that you want to get.

 You would not need to touch that target computer as well. As long as you attach a program that contains the computer keylogger, you would be able to get the target computer connected to your computer.

 For some of the programs about computer keylogger, functions like sending back of screenshots could also be possible.

 For the hardware type of computer keylogger, it is actually a kind of physical device which is connected to the keyboard. Some of the keyboards might be installed with the computer keylogger before they are sold.

 It is really difficult for people to detect the installation of computer keylogger in the hardware form. Therefore, people could only try their best to ensure that the keyboards they purchase are the new ones and they are the good ones from reliable manufacturers. Otherwise, it is hard for them to ensure that they are not targeted by the computer keylogger.

 Whenever you try to use the computer keylogger, you would have to ensure that the use of the keylogger comes with a reason. It would not be rational if you just use the computer keylogger for fun. As long as you have some serious doubts that you want to investigates, you might consider using the computer keylogger. But if you use the keyloggers just for fun, it would not be good and it would make you infringe the privacy of the others.

 On the other hand, you have to ensure that the use of computer keylogger is not known by the target. Some of the newbie would not know well about the way to apply the computer keylogger. As a result, they are discovered and this can be horrible. For couples who try to spy on each other, being discovered can cost their marriage and it would not be something good at all. Therefore, you need to think twice before you apply the computer keylogger.