What Exactly Is Malware?

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Ever had pop ups explode on your screen, blocking everything else and driving you crazy? Well you’ve been a victim of malware. Malware (malicious software) is a blanket term used for any software program or code that gets installed on a user’s computer without the user’s informed consent and knowledge and wreaks havoc. It usually turns the computer into a zombie, in that the user no longer has any control of the computer’s activity and the malware can be said to have ‘taken over’. A large number of viruses, worms, Trojans, backdoors, adware and spyware come under the malware category. In other words, when the intentions of the software and its creators are malicious, it’s malware. Since the infected computer in most cases becomes a ‘zombie’ or a ‘robot’ computer, especially if the malware provides the creator with remote access to the compromised PC, malware plays a crucial role in botnet activities. According to a report by Trend Micro, an internet security technology company, botnet activities will be the number one threats on the internet in 2009 and malware, a big part of them.

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Is Key logging Software Malware?

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Many people these days will associate Key logging software as a type of Trojan. This is not the case, so why is Key Logging Software acceptable?

The Difference
A Trojan programme is a type of Malware. Trojan’s will be placed on your computer without your consent or knowledge and will hide so you will be unable to detect it. The Trojan will then maliciously attack your computer for one reason or another depending on its programming and the areas it is designed to attack. Key logging software can only be installed by the computer user with the set authority on that computer to install programs. If you don’t want people to be bale to install things on your computer you can easily change their login user authorisations from the control panel. Keylogging software does not attack your computer, or alter it in anyway. It only remains on your computer and logs whatever you tell it to log.

 What is Malware?
Malware is a type of program (including viruses), that are designed to specifically damage your computer software or perform operations without the user or owners consent that are harmful.

When is Key Logging used?
Key Loggers are installed on a computer manually by the owner of the computer. They do not harm or damage your computer in anyway and are in fact designed to protect the computer and its users. Key logging software is particularly useful when you have shared computer such as one in a family home with children. You may be concerned that your kids may be using features such as chat rooms and you want to be able to identify possible threats to them without breathing down their neck while they are using the computer. You can safely and discretely monitor their chat room conversations with key logging software on your computer. All the information can be emailed to you and you will be able to see reports of the conversations on chosen programmes or websites so you can easily and quickly identify possible dangerous conversations or users and protect your children.

In conclusion,
Malware is designed to harm your computer and is installed illegally without the owners consent. In short, key logging software is designed to protect users, and is only installed by the owner.